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President 90210 Network

Meet the Chair of Business Consulting

Axel – The Dot Connector, also the President of 90210 NETWORK, is a very accomplished businessman, consultant to startup and corporates alike.  He has Investment and Operator experience and brings vast knowledge of international business practices to the table.

You want the Dot Connector to look at your business because you will receive 100-fold the return of time and money spent.  As the leading expert in Going-to-Market Strategy he will make the difference between winning and losing.

Ashkan Tabibnia
CEO & Founder 90210 Network

Meet the Chair of Personal Consulting

Ashkan Tabibnia started his own journey then he was 18 as the CEO and founder of ‘7 Elephants,’ importer and distributor of hi-tech consumer electronics.

Through the years he mastered key inter-personal skills of being genuinely likable, rock-solid, hardworking, and ethical. Through Ashkan’s confidence, multi-faceted skillset, and wide contact base he delivers for his clients continued business and personal development. Ashkan’s network stretches from entertainment, event production, real-estate, and includes general business moguls. Ashkan helps others to focus on personal and professional development and empowerment.

Rosie Cruz
90210 Network

Meet the Chair of Media Consulting

Rosie is a multi-faceted MEDIA professional, accomplished actress, producer, and acting coach.

She is best known for her roles in California Tango, Hush (The Series), and Olivia Cantwell and the Handmade Handmaiden.

Rosie’s passion is Storytelling. Creativity is the superpower behind it all. Her specialty is connecting passionate people together to create and produce moving digital content reaching audiences worldwide.